hello I'm amelia and I like homestuck and dangan ronpa and also supernatural and doctor who maybe

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Shoutout to nonbinary POC. You deserve a lot more recognition and visibility than you get. You’re real, and you matter.

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"Have you fantasized about killing me?"


"How would you do it?"

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able sisters’ theme - animal crossing (gc)

the sewing machine softly running in the background is so relaxing to me :)


oh my god I’m so sick of the Miley Cyrus conversation ok 

Miley isn’t a feminist icon because she uses black women as accessories, is culturally appropriative, objectifies black women, uses slurs, and hasn’t apologized for any of it. NOT because she dresses scandalously or expresses her sexuality.

Stop ignoring racism in the name of sexual politics. 

Feminist “icons” are not feminist icons if they contribute to the marginalization of women. End of debate. Bye. 


whats the point of making a new tmnt movie when we have this masterpiece


Prom hair looks: long or short? The wig I’m wearing in the second picture might not be the one I would wear to prom, but it’s very close.

Idk about personal preference, I’d just like to know what other people think about how it looks *with the dress*

Ignore the lack of accessories and such, I haven’t gotten around to buying those yet


30 days of sailor moon → day five: best couple
» usagi tsukino/mamoru chiba


fucking hannibal got bored while waiting for will so he just decided to go pet all the animals like dammit hannibal this is a murder investigation not a petting zoo will can’t take you anywhere


Hannibal | 2X08


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I would like to remain not dead for the foreseeable future.

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